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How to Schedule Your Jackupuncture Visit Online

Please read all the directions before redirecting yourself to our online booking site:

To schedule your appointment, sign in to our booking site using an email address, social media account, or by creating a new user account.

On your mobile device, scroll down to the “Wait List Request” section and select “Add a Wait List Request.” On your laptop/desktop, locate the “Add a Wait List Request” button on the right.

Follow the prompts to select a range of dates and times that work best for you. We will reply as soon as possible and finalize your visit details via email.


New to Jackupuncture?

Select “New Patient Initial Assessment and Treatment.”


A Returning Patient?

To continue care for an issue we’ve recently assessed, select “Follow-Up Treatment.” To schedule a visit for a new issue we have yet to assess, please select “Assessment and Treatment.”



Click the button below and you’ll be redirected to our online booking site to add your wait list request.

Love Jackupuncture and want to avoid these steps?

Members of our wellness plans gain full access to our online booking calendar and receive priority booking, as well as many other perks. Interested? Contact us below about applying for membership.