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Your first visit will require more time due to our thorough intake process. Expect 80 to 90 minutes at most for pain, orthopedic, and general health visits. We will go over your intake form and patient history, as well as discuss your problems, concerns, and goals.

A good intake is the foundation for an effective assessment and the best plan of action. This allows us to individualize care for your specific situation and needs.


Step 2


During the assessment phase of your initial visit, we will go through a series of functional tests and physical movements to assess your mechanics, strength, and range of motion.

PeakMIND consultations are longer and include assessments of multiple neurological systems. The initial consultation does not include a WAVi EEG, but will involve several other tools that provide us with objective data to customize your recovery protocol.

Step 3


Treatment options will be based on the assessments and goals. We will discuss your options and methods we believe will help your recovery and get you where you want to be.

Initial assessment and treatment are conducted on the first visit. If follow-up visits are recommended, we will offer a recovery plan to meet your needs and goals.

How To Get The Most Out Of Each Visit

Based on your goals and assessment, we will discuss the best treatment options for you. Some of our general recommendations to get the most out of your visit:

  • Limit caffeine before treatment
  • Eat a snack before treatment
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • Rehydrate after treatment
  • Use moist heat (hot water bottle, microwaveable gel pack) on any tight, stiff or sore areas after treatment
  • Slowly and confidently return to activity 

Other ways to further support your recovery at home may be touched on during your visit. Common areas of advice for supporting your needs may include exercise, nutrition, supplementation, sleep and/or lifestyle changes. The guidance provided before, during, and after your visit is to help you achieve excellent results and maintain a higher quality of life even after discontinuing treatment with Jackupuncture. The closer you adhere to them, the better your body will be able to participate in its own healing. 

Self-Pay, Insurance, and Wellness Plans

Jackupuncture is a self-pay clinic. Self-pay allows us to spend more time on your case with with you than would otherwise be possible in an insurance-participating clinic. This allows us to constantly adapt treatment to meet your individual needs, allowing us to address much more than is commonly experienced with other providers.

If you have an insurance plan that covers acupuncture, we can provide you with a super-bill to submit to your insurance company. In most cases, they will partially reimburse you directly with a flat amount per visit. You can check with your insurance what that coverage is like for your plan.

For patients with long-term goals, we have the option of two care plans that offer greater convenience and additional savings. Our Continued Wellness plan can make a huge difference in maintaining wellness and enhancing performance, which can be vital for athletes in sports where re-injury is likely to occur. This unique approach further sets us apart from any other acupuncture in Hawaii.

Jack has an amazing combination of deep knowledge, compassion and attentiveness. I truly feel like I am in the best of hands with him and he has helped me make great progress in healing.

Jamie Kawahara

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