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Brain Rehab and Sports Acupuncture

WE ARE Oahu’s home for optimizing brain, body, and mind. We serve our athletes and community with an unparalleled range of services – from sports acupuncture and dry needling to concussion acupuncture – to address and enhance every aspect of human performance and health.

WE STRIVE to serve your individual needs for athletic performance, brain and concussion care, pain, and injuries so you can succeed in sport, work, and life.

FROM BRAIN TO TOE, we help you get back to what you love doing sooner and better than you could have ever imagined. Come and experience Oahu’s most innovative and comprehensive care.

concussion acupuncture

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What We Treat

From acute and chronic pain or injuries to painless conditions that affect your performance.

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Joints, Muscles, Nerves, Pain


Back Pain



Stiff Neck

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Nerve Entrapment Neuropathy & Weakness

Gastrointestinal (GI) Issues


Plantar Fasciitis

Menstrual Pain


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Strains, Sprains, Pulls, Tears


Rotator Cuff

Frozen Shoulder

High Hamstring Tears



Turf Toe

Trigger Finger

Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow


Ankle & Wrist Sprains

Post-Surgery Issues


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Other Issues That Limit Performance


Poor Balance & Proprioception

Limited Range of Motion


Joint Instability

Muscular Weakness

Poor Sleep

Anxiety & PTSD

Emotional Distress

Cognitive Performance

Low Energy

Poor Digestion

Our Services

Jackupuncture specializes in restoring optimal brain function, sports injuries, concussion care, orthopedics, headaches, and pain. To learn more about all the ways we help you achieve your athletic and health goals, check out our services page or access our specialties directly through the menu below.

Concussion and Acupuncture

Acupuncture is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option for concussions, as it has been shown to be effective in addressing the diverse symptoms of concussion through a process called neuromodulation. By using acupuncture needles, practitioners can guide the nervous system towards specific states that promote healing due to the body’s unique therapeutic response to the needles.

Innovative and Specialized Acupuncture Concussion Treatment

Acupuncture is a powerful concussion treatment when performed by experts following a thorough assessment. If you have suffered a concussion, you know that there is no set amount of time for concussion resolution, as recovery depends on so many factors. Neuromodulation with electroacupuncture creates a change in the brain and nervous system capable of reducing symptoms and enhancing recovery.

Brain Rehab and PeakMIND

Jack has spent an increasing number of years immersing himself in the latest research on concussion care and brain rehab. He has successfully treated many patients suffering from depression and anxiety, cognitive decline, focus/concentration issues, headaches, and PTSD to name a few. He continues to review these outcomes with some of the best brain rehab specialists in Hawaii and the nation to further develop an innovative and successful method – PeakMIND.

Sports Acupuncture

Acupuncture and dry needling are becoming an increasingly popular treatment option for athletes of all sports. Due to the body’s unique therapeutic response to needles, acupuncture allows practitioners to guide the nervous system towards specific states that promote healing and injury recovery.

Premier Acupuncture for Athletes

Acupuncture for athletes differs from acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine. The techniques and treatment strategies used in sports acupuncture focus on our modern understanding of the human body and neurophysiology. As opposed to the meridians of traditional acupuncture, sports acupuncture uses neurophysiology and sports medicine principles to target the structures (muscles, nerves, joints, fascia, etc.) that help the body recover from injury and optimize performance. One of the benefits to this approach is that it immediately restores the function and power to muscles for greater strength and efficiency. Real results are experienced with the very first treatment, which everyone loves! Athletes who have tried traditional acupuncture before love this difference. 

As an athlete himself, Jack understands the needs and mindset of competitors, providing them with the focus and care required for sport-specific issues. Jack is the premier acupuncturist for all athletes in Hawaii and beyond.

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What Patients Say

Our patients range from professional fighters and triathletes to doctors, physical therapists, music teachers, authors, and construction workers. Here’s what some of them have to say about Jackupuncture:


Before PeakMIND, when I was tired, it was hard to stay focused or motivated in training. After starting PeakMIND with Jack, I had the focus to stay locked in even when I was tired. I felt more energized throughout the day and slept good even if I stayed up late.

 Max “Blessed” Holloway | UFC #1 Ranked Featherweight

Dr. Jack, thank you for being my healer.

Robert Kiyosaki | Investor, Motivational Speaker, and Author

Jack is Hawai'i's fighters' secret weapon! I usually get headaches after hard sparring and have to take headache medicine. After my first session I sparred hard two days in a row without a headache or needing meds.

Martin “The Spartan” Day | Rizin MMA

I was suffering post concussion symptoms for over 6 months after getting T-boned by a reckless driver. After my time with Jack, I am so relieved that I can go a full week without medication and I am not constantly worried about triggering my symptoms. The improvements that I have made are amazing.

Laureen S.  | Post-Concussion Syndrome

Jack is very professional, educated, and has great energy in his craft. He made me feel very comfortable prior and during the process. Not only does he help heal, but also teaches how, where, and why we have pain/discomfort. Recovery has been great and the information Jack products is paramount to healing, prevention, and being fully functional/mobile.

Yancy Medeiros | Bellator MMA

I had back pain for over a year. Thanks to Jackupuncture I’m able to rack pull 5 plates again without any lower back pain.


N.S. | NPC Bodybuilding Competitor

Jack is a healer and ultimate professional. After 4+ years of trying to recover from a shattered heel bone and 3 surgeries, I was looking for someone to get me back to running and doing the things I love. Within 3 sessions I was running again for the first time in 4 years without pain. Now I’m walking longer distances, able to be on my feet longer, and starting to get back into hiking.

Mike Morelli | Entrepreneur, Avid Outdoor Enthusiast

As a marathon runner and weightlifter, I sometimes struggle with aches and pains that pop up in training, which Jack is able to thoroughly and systematically assess and treat. I always walk out of a session feeling better and I have only had to take one unplanned rest day due to soreness or discomfort since starting our work together. Training 6 days/week, that is a pretty successful record!

Rebecca Jones | Marathon Runner, Weightlifter

The next day my groin pain was 100% gone. I tried to replicate the pain but can’t find it or feel the pain anymore. I press the muscle and it is not tender or sore anymore…

Travis Petralba | Professional Muay Thai Fighter

As a professional mixed martial artist, Jack's care is a game changer! Jackupuncture is a one stop shop for recovery, injury treatment, brain care and enhancement. I highly recommend his care and treatment.

Pierre Daguzan | Professional MMA Fighter

Superior Acupuncture for Honolulu, Oahu, and Beyond

Location does not limit care only to patients in Honolulu or Hawaii seeking acupuncture. Jack’s unique results in helping athletes and high-level professionals has carried through word of mouth, leading many patients and families to travel from the mainland and around the world to Oahu to seek out Jack’s help in pursuing their goals.

The Jack-U-Puncture Difference

Three key features set us apart from all other acupuncture and athlete-care providers, and it’s all in our name: Jack You Puncture.


Jack’s genuine passion for helping others achieve their goals and return to doing what they love fuels his constant drive for improving your outcomes and overall experience with Jackupuncture. Jack brings hope, expertise, and care to every session and every person. Sharing his enthusiasm for health and an active lifestyle, Jack enjoys his time with patients but finds his greatest reward in the time when their goals have been met and they no longer need our services. Of course, we welcome everyone back at any time and offer special programs for those who wish to continue working together for more long-term goals.


The most important part: You. Jackupuncture’s focus on your recovery and optimization begins with our comprehensive assessment process. After reviewing your health history, we provide a thorough physical assessment to identify the potential issues and dysfunctions behind your condition. Combined with the Exstore assessment system and Jack’s clinical experience, this process allows us to provide individualized treatment strategies that regularly help our patients recover from acute and chronic issues, even in seemingly more challenging cases where nothing else has helped. Our focus on understanding how to address your individual case is what sets us apart, and is what can ultimately help you return to a level of sport and life you may have no longer thought possible.


Last but not least – puncture. That is acupuncture and so much more: electroacupuncture, orthopedic and medical acupuncture, sports acupuncture, concussion acupuncture, dry needling, and dry needling with electrical stimulation. The acupuncture needle is our main tool, and we are experts at using it in all these ways. We are able to help so many different people with so many different issues because the needle is the best tool for normalizing nervous tissue, which is the main component of our central (i.e., brain, spinal cord) and peripheral (i.e., everywhere else in the body) nervous systems. The body responds to the needle in a unique therapeutic way, releasing different chemicals and creating positive shifts in the nervous system for healing to occur. With different frequencies of electroacupuncture, we are able to sustain specific responses to enhance this natural healing response. 


Can acupuncture help athletes and sports performance?

Yes. Many of our patients are pro athletes. Acupuncture & Chinese medicine offer excellent support for every aspect of athletics & competition—from mindset & sleep, weight cuts & nutrition, injury rehab & pain resolution, to maintenance & performance enhancement. Acupuncture & Chinese medicine are an effective way to relieve pain, speed up rehabilitation (for injuries or post-surgery), & improve overall health (mental, physical, & internal). This means you can work or compete harder, longer, & better with that extra 1% needed to outperform your competition (& coworkers).

Why try acupuncture if I don't have pain?

You may already be pain-free. And that’s great! How is your digestion? Strength? Endurance? Sleep? Energy levels? Vision? Balance? Flexibility & range of motion? With a thorough intake, we can help assess & improve aspects of your general health & daily life, helping you move better & with more energy. Additional specialized assessments are also available for pain-free athletes in search of a competitive edge.

I'm not an athlete, can you still help me?

All people are welcome and able to improve their health with Jackupuncture. Our expertise in orthopedic and medical acupuncture makes us exceptionally skilled at addressing injuries and pain for everyone, athlete or otherwise.

Have you had success with repetitive stress injuries (RSI)?

Yes. Many professions & sports involve repetitive movements that can lead to pain or injury. Our goal is to get you back to work & sport sooner, stronger, & healthier, so our assessments & treatments are designed to identify the best way to most quickly & effectively provide long-lasting pain relief, no matter the cause or age of injury. This is also one way we can help you reduce or avoid pharmaceuticals & surgery.

Can acupuncture help with concussion?

Yes, acupuncture, specifically electroacupuncture can help with many of the post-concussion symptoms. Our innovative PeakMIND combines the latest research, practice, and individual brain scans able to answer many questions at a brain health level. PeakMIND acupuncture has helped many people recovering through concussion symptoms that wouldn’t subside after years of trying other forms of treatment.

I’ve tried acupuncture before. How would this be different?

Traditional acupuncture is a great modality for many issues, but often misses the mark for athletes and sports injuries. Many of the injuries athletes experience can be very effectively treated with a needle, but the needle has to be used in a particular way and guided by a physical assessment that takes mechanics and function into account. Jackupuncture provides such assessments to identify how to best use the tools of acupuncture for sports injuries. This difference in approach is why so many athletes leave Jackupuncture surprised at their amazing results.

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