Using traditional & contemporary approaches, we provide relief for joint, muscle, & nerve pain; rehabilitation & restoration of strength for sports & work injuries; & improved physical performance for healthy, pain-free athletes looking for a competitive edge. Nowhere else in Hawaii can you experience the same, superior results our unique combination of traditional & modern, research-based techniques provide. Unique doesn’t always mean better, but in our case, it means both.

As an athlete & fighter with decades of competitive experience, Jack understands the importance of reducing injuries, recovering as quickly as possible, & always performing at the optimal levels. With decades of experience in various lines of work, Jack also understands the importance of getting back to your job faster, without pain. That’s why our goal is to provide you with immediate, lasting results, even in musculoskeletal cases where doctors, physical therapists, & other acupuncturists have failed to get or maintain satisfactory results.

Jack is the only professional in Hawaii to have clinically trained with the creator of the Exstore system. Combined with orthopedic testing & traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, Jack’s advanced expertise in Exstore helps to quickly identify the underlying cause of your specific condition & how to effectively treat it. This cuts out the guess work, getting you back to what you love faster while saving you money. 

Combining specialized assessments & treatments, we help provide you with even greater results in sports, work, & life. We get you out of pain faster, & help you stay there to achieve a new 100%.

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Jackupuncture specializes in orthopedic & sports acupuncture, using dry needling, motor points & electroacupuncture to help reduce pain & improve strength immediately. These approaches can be especially helpful in resolving acute pain & issues from old or poorly rehabilitated injuries.

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We offer different care plans to suit your individual needs: Standard Care & Continued Wellness. Regardless of the care plan you choose, you’ll always receive the same expert care.

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Patients enjoy a range of acupuncture services, including dry needling, cupping, soft tissue, guasha/scraping, & other therapies.

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Our assessments put you on the fast track to recovery—our treatments accelerate you beyond the finish line.