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Jackupuncture’s foundation is in traditional acupuncture & Chinese medicine. Our specialty lies in motor point & sports acupuncture. Based in modern research & sports medicine, these orthopedic acupuncture techniques use knowledge of anatomy & neurophysiology to help your body safely & effectively increase its healing response. 

Our dry needling acupuncture also helps release the knots & bands in tight muscles, with all of our acupuncture services aimed at providing you with immediate pain relief, improved mobility & increased strength.



Known for its effectiveness in providing lasting pain relief, electroacupuncture (EA) is among the most studied forms of acupuncture. We combine EA with other acupuncture & soft tissue therapies in specific ways to naturally accelerate pain reduction, enhance tissue healing & regeneration, improve nerve conduction, & increase joint stability.  

Our research-based EA protocols also help to increase your body’s healing potential. With specific frequencies applied over a course of treatments, EA helps resolve the pain, stiffness, and symptoms of: osteoarthritis, old injuries, scars, neuropathies, urinary dribbling, stroke, & concussions. This is one way EA can also help reduce the need for many common pharmaceutical & surgical interventions. 

soft tissue

Similar to massage and other forms of body work, soft tissue therapy is effective at returning tissues to their original length & suppleness by releasing tight bands & knots in muscle. This is why soft tissue work is a part of nearly every Jackupuncture treatment. By moving the fascia & tissues at specific locations on the body in a therapeutic way, our soft tissue therapy is a form of body work that builds upon the results of our acupuncture treatments, accelerating results & reducing the amount of money & time you have to spend on future treatments.

Whether part of a regular treatment or an a la carte service, soft tissue therapy helps quickly improve nerve conduction & blood flow, accelerating tissue healing. In acute & chronic cases alike, this helps provide you with immediate pain relief while also increasing your range of motion.



An evidence-based functional system of assessment, Exstore helps quickly identify the root cause of musculoskeletal pain, ensuring you leave the very first session feeling & moving better. 

As Hawaii’s only healthcare professional to have personally trained with the creator of Exstore, Dr. Anthony Lombardi, Jack’s assessments put you on the fast track to lasting recovery. Also, by helping reduce the number of overall treatments needed, Jack’s expertise with Exstore maximizes your results while saving you time & money.


performance enhancement

Jackupuncture’s standard services already get you performing better with less pain. When pain is no longer an issue, our specialized assessments help identify areas where your physical performance can be enhanced. Beyond physical issues, others can include sleep, digestion, energy, & mood/mindset—some of the many internal issues Chinese medicine addresses very well.

After identifying areas to be addressed, our acupuncture, soft tissue techniques, supplementation, & other services can help you reach your full potential, making our performance enhancement services especially useful for competitive athletes, pro & amateur alike. By subscribing to the Continued Wellness plan, you can continue to maintain your progress, reduce likelihood of injury, & increase your competitive edge.  


cupping & more

Traditional Chinese medicine includes a variety of other effective tools now also used by many other health professionals, including cupping (myosfascial decompression) & guasha (scraping/tool-assisted massage). Skilled in the traditional & contemporary application of these modalities, Jackupuncture also offers many other additional therapies to meet your health goals, including topical liniments, Theragun massage, nutritional & herbal supplements, taping, Compex TENS & EMS, and other a la carte services.

Continued Wellness plan subscribers have unlimited access to all these services at exclusive prices. As Jackupuncture continues to learn & grow, other tools & modalities will be included to provide you with the best health results possible.

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