Exstore is a combination of “examine” & “restore,” the key principles behind its application & success. 


Exstore assessment involves functional muscle testing similar to some orthopedic tests you may have experienced during physical therapy. This is important to identify which muscles are not functioning properly (i.e., inhibited), allowing us to quickly start your process of recovery in the most efficient way possible.


Since Exstore assesses the muscles involved in joint movement & stability, motor point and electroacupuncture are used to quickly restore the function of these muscles. Restoring function allows you to recover more quickly & move more efficiently again, meaning you have less pain & better ability to perform your job.


Treating inhibited muscles & underlying dysfunction means we resolve the issue. When properly assessed & addressed, the mechanical (e.g., muscular &/or nerve) issues that cause poor movement & pain can be resolved. This means less pain, fewer medications, avoiding surgery, & better sleep for you. These are only a few of the benefits to using Exstore as a road map to recovery. The benefits of a Jackupuncture treatment guided by Exstore virtually endless.


Jack is the only healthcare provider in Hawaii to have directly trained in the clinic with Dr. Anthony Lombardi, the creator of Exstore. With the continued support of Dr. Lombardi & other leading specialists from around the world, Jack continues to improve & hone the skills that help best identify & provide for your care needs. This gives you & Jackupuncture the leading edge on your recovery.

EXPERIENCE LESS PAIN & MORE OF LIFE with jackupuncture + exstore


achieve a greater 100%

Exstore establishes a clear path for getting you moving more quickly with increased range of motion, less pain, more strength, & improved joint stability. Return to sport, work, & life at a new 100%.

What Jackupuncture treats

fast & accurate

Identifying what tissues & structures are contributing to your pain & poor movement is key to getting you the best, longest-lasting results possible. Exstore allows us to do this quickly & accurately without guesswork. That’s why Exstore is a key part of our physical assessments.

The services we offer

save time & money

By taking out the guesswork, Exstore allows us to quickly assess & address physical issues causing nerve, muscle, & joint issues. This provides more immediate & testable outcomes, ensuring you get the results you need in fewer visits. In this way, Exstore helps shorten your overall time in the clinic, saving you time & money.

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