Golfers & tennis players, postal workers & construction workers, bartenders & office staff can all experience injuries & pain in the elbow, in the wrist, in the shoulder…anywhere.

Whether the pain is due to sport or work, Jackupuncture’s assessment & treatment techniques resolve the pain & allow athletes & workers to feel & perform better faster.  



superior outcomes in half the time

Exstore assessment, motor point acupuncture, & traditional Chinese medicine combined with Jack’s distinct educational, clinical, & athletic experience make Jackupuncture a truly one of a kind practice in Hawaii.

This unique, powerful combination is how you get better with fewer treatments. Spending less time & money with us means you get to spend more of both doing what you love.




       4000 Academic hours

       2000 clinical HOURS

+        500 patient treatments



Despite being a busy full-time graduate student with two part-time jobs, Jack chose to intern at 3 different clinics, building superior clinical skills on a strong foundation of hands-on experience.

Jack’s clinical experience & training means you spend less time & money for superior results.



Whether you have an old frozen shoulder, chronic joint pain due to osteoarthritis, a nerve entrapment or recent rotator cuff tear, Jackupuncture can help ease your pain & get you moving better without surgery. 

Post surgery, Jackupuncture can help accelerate progress & improve outcomes, returning you to work & play sooner, stronger, & healthier.



pushing harder so you can push harder

Jackupuncture is a unique, contemporary practice that constantly seeks to improve & provide the best services for patients. Through continuing education & traveling to work with the world’s leading specialists in different areas of acupuncture, health, & Chinese medicine, Jackupuncture does everything possible to continue getting you even better results.



Assess. Recover. Enhance.

Assessment, recovery, & performance enhancement are the main pillars of Jackupuncture—the foundation for the results you need to live better, work safer, & play harder.

With the ability to thoroughly assess for & uncover the underlying cause of pain, we can address issues in a much more specific & effective way. These valuable skills make Jackupuncture uniquely effective among its peers.








My clinical approach, perspective on healing, and promise to you!

I provide thorough assessments to identify how to best kick start your body’s healing response. Guided by these findings & constant communication with you, techniques established by clinical & peer-reviewed research are tailored to your needs to help you start recovering immediately. Most patients experience lasting pain relief & more strength after their very first treatment. By the final treatment, you should be able to perform your desired tasks & movements with much more strength & virtually no pain, enhancing your overall work, sport, & life experience. Further improvements can then be provided by identifying non-painful limitations that may still be preventing you from performing at your full potential.

This is the essence of A+R+E:
We assess & accelerate your recovery. Then, specialized techniques enhance your daily & athletic performance.

You are an important part of your healing. With good quality sleep, a proper diet, & sufficient activity, your body will more efficiently engage its healing potential. The exercise, lifestyle, & nutritional advice you receive at Jackupuncture will empower you to get the best possible results from every treatment. With your active cooperation, A+R+E will allow you the chance to return to a healthier, more active 100%.

This is the meaning behind “We ARE Jackupuncture.”

Our assessment, recovery, and enhancement services provide you with a window into your true potential. Your ultimate success is limited only by your dedication.

And we are dedicated to supporting you all the way.   


“I usually always get headaches after hard sparring & have to take headache medicine. After my first Jackupuncture session, I sparred hard 2 days in a row without a headache or needing meds.”

Martin “the spartan” day

UFC Bantamweight

What Jackupuncture Treats

Acute & chronic pain,
no matter its origin:

Back Pain
Stiff Neck
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Nerve Entrapment
NeuropathY & weakness
Gastrointestinal (GI) Issues
Menstrual Pain

back, neck, shoulder, knee, elbow, hip, WRIST

Acute & chronic injuries,
with or without pain:

Rotator Cuff
Frozen Shoulder
turf toe
trigger finger
Tennis & GOLFER’s elbow
Ankle & wrist Sprains
Post-surgery issues

Strains, sprains, pulls, tears

Painless issues that limit performance
in healthy people:


Poor Balance & Proprioception
Limited Range of Motion
Joint Instability
Muscular Weakness
Poor Sleep
Anxiety & PTSD
emotional distress
Low Energy
Poor Digestion

HEALTHIER, stronger, faster

return to what you love
sooner, stronger, healthier!

Overcome aches & pains today. Return to sport & work tomorrow.